I recently heard that 650 million Africans have yet to turn on a light. This impacted me – the simple act of flipping a switch. But following turning on a light is turning on a stove, boiling a kettle, finding your glasses easily at night, washing clothes, being able to read once the sun goes down – the list is endless. In this season of Thanksgiving I am so grateful for the marvel of electricity and that I have endless gadgets to make my life easy.

Jesus speaks of being the light of the world. In a context full of light pollution that hides the stars, this image could lose some power. But in a place where light is a rare and precious commodity, we learn anew of His impact in our world.

In East Africa we continue a holistic demonstration of our faith. As biogas brings light and fuel, and serves as part of the solution to deforestation, we also partner with Social Innovators in their communities to love the vulnerable, create jobs and bring light.

Thank you for being part of the solution to complex problems facing our world. Together change is possible.