Here's how... | Bartholemy’s Story

To many, he is an enigma. Truly he understands more about being a disciple of Jesus in every area of his life than we do. Bartholemy, his wife Miriam, and five children live in Bukavu, Congo. In the city of Bukavu and surrounding village, people are living in severe poverty. Clean water, food, and electricity are scarce. Life is very hard for people in rural areas; there is insecurity in the region and a lot of violence, along with sexual abuse of the women and children. Yet this is where Bartholemy and his family choose to make their home.

More than 3000 homeless children in the surrounding area struggle every day to get food, education, and healthcare. Bartholomy and Miriam have chosen to give their lives to these street children who have no other place to go. All they can offer them is their own courage, interest in their lives, the gospel, food when they have it, and an absolute commitment.

Their ministry, Homeless Care, provides weekly feedings, medication clinic, sports and day centers for these children. In the last year they have cared for 170 homeless children, showing them the love of Christ and helping meet their needs. One of the kids told Bartholomy that without Homeless Care, “I would never have known that someone out there loves me and thought I mattered.”

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What Bartholomy and Miriam do for these children is amazing, But what they need–what they have asked for–is long-term solutions for these children. Without this, their work can feel hopeless. At Loom we are looking at how we can contribute to the already deep rooted commitment of this couple who refuse to look away. Not only did we provide Bartholomy with training through our Celebrating Children Workshop, but we are looking to partner him with those who could empower these children–and his ministry–through income-generating projects. Together, this situation is not hopeless; because together, change is possible!