Welcome to the Moovement!

Did you know that for $600, you can buy a pregnant cow in Engikaret, Tanzania that will help fund the Maasailand New Vision School, a Community Center and clinic? A simple, concrete and sustainable opportunity to change the future of a community.

When you purchase a cow for the Maasai, you are becoming part of their story of hope. The pregnant cow will soon be two cows (a great 2 for 1 bargain) and they will provide milk, generate income, and create jobs in the area. Your investment will also provide funds for medical clinics and pay teacher salaries.

How can you start a cow campaign?

We recommend you get together with some family and friends to start your fundraising  “moovement.”


  • Challenge another family or group to commit to see which team can raise the funds first.
  • Have a milk and cookies party at your house to announce your fundraiser to your neighbors and ask them to join in!
  • Create a thermometer with $100 increments and post it on a wall in your house. Let your kids fill it in as you raise the funds.
  • Pull in your coworkers and make it fun. Offer prizes to the person/people who bring in the most money in a set period of time.

There are endless ways you can raise the funds and at the same time let people know about the wonderful work happening in Engikaret.

How to donate your funds

When you reach the $600 goal use our one-time donation form


Be sure to type “Engikaret cow project” in the notes section of the donation form.

If you prefer to pay your $600 by check

please make it out to Loom International and send to:

Loom International
2420 NE Sandy Blvd Ste 104

Portland, OR 97232

On the memo line write “Engikaret cow project”.

The less-expensive alternative: Goats!!

If you can’t buy a cow right now, then how about a goat or two? Goats only cost $50 each and are a great alternative milk source.

How to pay for your goat…
use our one-time donation form


Be sure to type “Engikaret goat project” in the notes section of the donation form.

By check: Follow the same instructions above, but on your memo line write “Engikaret goat project”.

Tools and Resources

Download Files

Download a zipped folder of files you can use to help communicate and use any way you want.


You could mail the postcard to family and friends to ask them to join your campaign, use it as a flyer or invite to a fundraising party or just have it around as a conversation starter.


Use the cute cow and goat logos to enhance mailers, emails, invites etc…
Goat logo ©Veronichka – Can Stock Photo Inc.

Facebook Cover Photo

There is a photo to use as your Facebook cover photo to raise awareness.