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Local Experts identify a need—young Maasai girls in Tanzania are being taken out of school and married off to men three times their age. This is most often a poverty-driven practice as the girl’s family receives a dowry from her husband-to-be. But Local Experts know it is a threat not only to her future but that of her community. Research shows the more educated girls and women are, the better off the society. The Local Expert steps in to provide a solution. Working with an existing law that states a girl cannot be married off if she is in school, they start a school within the Maasai community and make sure the girls are enrolled.

This school provides a new future for the girls and the community. But, it’s also located in an incredibly arid and isolated area. There is no electricity, limited access to clean water and an hour from the closest main city. This presents a myriad of problems for the Local Expert. They are struggling to find good housing for their teachers, the resources to build classrooms and affordable solutions for the lack of electricity.

Loom believes in this project and the incredible potential it holds. So, last year, we facilitated a training called Regenerate, where Local Experts involved in this project came together to participate in a regional think-tank to find practical local solutions for sustainability. We also ran a Celebrating Children Workshop where teachers in the school came to be trained. We communicated the infrastructural needs to our network, raised money for a new classroom and are currently pursuing the possibility of connecting the region to solar energy experts.

This interdependent model is effective and brings results. Loom identifies strong and influential Local Experts bringing significant solutions. We equip them with training that increases their capacity and then we create connections within our network of skilled people.