Celebrating Children Workshop

There are 1.9 billion children in the world. Wherever you go, you see people working with the children in their communities — investing in them, believing in them and giving them the skills for a better future. The Celebrating Children Workshop (CCW) equips people to work with vulnerable children, beginning with the question: “What did God intend for childhood?”

Through conversation and creativity, we continually look at how we can participate with God’s plans for restoring his intentions for children. The CCW blends biblical, scientific, social and cultural perspectives in order to provide a holistic approach to caring for the well being of a child.


Modules include:

  • Understanding the Child in Context

  • Risk and Resilience

  • Listening to Children

  • Holistic Mission to Children

  • Discipline and Child Protection

  • Development and Evaluation of Programs

For more information, contact the CCW team at ccwpdx@loominternational.org.


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