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An estimated 60% of projects serving at-risk children fail within the first two years.

The reasons are numerous, but we have found that it often boils down to a lack of funding, a lack of staff and organizational skills and too many times—serious burn-out. Serving vulnerable communities can be back-breaking and heart-breaking work and yet, every day, every where, Local Experts are choosing to keep at it.

This is where Loom comes in. The challenges are never simple, but we believe that many times the solutions can be. Our tools bring tangible, practical approaches, such as specialized training, workshops, retreats, ongoing relationship and more—all with one focus: empowering people and their projects to be sustainable longterm.

From training on how to work with children at risk, to coaching staff on the financial and logistical aspects of projects, to helping integrate personal wellbeing and life-skills into a ministry’s daily work, the Loom tools form a holistic framework for lasting change

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Tools We Offer

Celebrating Children Workshop

The Celebrating Children Workshop (CCW) provides specialized tools to practitioners working with children at risk, increasing their understanding of and capacity to best support the children in their care.

With almost 27 percent of the world’s population under the age of fifteen, there are people in communities everywhere investing in them, believing in them and giving them skills for a better future. The CCW equips local caregivers with a holistic framework to pass on what they know as well as train others to do the same.

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Peaceful Sunrise

ReNew is a retreat for Local Experts—project leaders and staff, an opportunity to step back from full-time ministry and to rest and reflect, as well as network with people in their region doing similar work. The often 24/7 commitment of Local Experts leaves them stretched spiritually, emotionally and physically. It is crucial for their own health and that of their project that they take time on a regular basis to recharge.

ReNew provides the space and time for participants to be away from regular responsibilities and to receive encouragement and support along with debriefing, as desired. ReNew further offers them essential skills in maintaining a healthy, long term lifestyle while serving the most vulnerable.

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ReTool is a series of skills workshops customized to the needs of a project. Every project serving the most vulnerable faces logistical challenges that require practical, tangible skills to manage. Behind the stories we love to hear of girls being educated, families lifted from poverty, or trafficked children rescued, there's the hard work of project planning, administration, budgeting, legal registration, documentation and much more.

Through the ReTool workshops, we can help projects create budgets, develop strategic plans, and build systems that lead to sustainable projects and, ultimately sustainable change.

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ReThink Classroom

ReThink is a workshop that equips participants with tools and strategies to think critically about their communities and nations. Without an understanding of the cultural, political and environmental issues at play, projects to the smallest and weakest may suffer endless setbacks and consistent challenges to their sustainability.

The ReThink training provides a Biblical basis for thinking about life, social issues, and strategies for influencing society and addressing issues of injustice.

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ReConsider Assessment

ReConsider is an assessment tools that allows a project to evaluate its strengths and opportunities for growth. To strengthen projects serving vulnerable communities, it is critical to understand where a project is at and what tools they may need to be effective.

ReConsider guides a project through evaluating their finances, leadership, planning, strategy, communication, program effectiveness, and more. Project staff and leaders walk away with a clear understanding of where they need to grow, what training they should pursue and how to increase their effectiveness in impacting those they serve.

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Participant Testimonies

Hya (Cambodia)

"Loom, thank you so much for thinking about the Asian kids, particularly in Cambodia, that you have invited caregivers to be equipped, empowered, and strengthened. I will go back to Cambodia with a changed heart. "

Razvan (Romania)

"This seminar, the Celebrating Children Workshop, will change your life. It helped me empower people to encourage and protect kids. It will change not only what you are doing, but how you think. "

Betania (Mozambique)

"For many years, I didn't have the opportunity to study and learn more, but now, Loom International has given me that opportunity. I learned many new things I can use in my ministry with children, families, the church and the community. "

Vera (India)

"I want to thank Loom International for being not only trainers, but being advocates for children at risk. Thank you for partnering with people like me, working on a grassroots level. "